Artist Statement

Clothes are used as a tool to express one’s awareness of self within society every day, by everyone, whether they are conscious or unaware of it. 

As an artist with a background in fashion, I realize that this is what attracted me to it in the first place, how personal it is. It is a language we all understand. It is a cultural mirror that captured our evolution throughout the ages.

And to me, it is the perfect medium to explore the future.


I use fabric and readymade textures as paint and the body form as a canvass. Working sculpturally with silicone and textile, I create wearable objects that explore our relationship with our perceived selves. My process is driven by constant questioning, both technically and philosophically, rooted in my personal story, a piece of which is contained in each work.


I prefer not to delineate my practice to one style or ideology as that would eliminate the ultimate purpose of my art - to question. And inspire others to do the same.


white shirt dress.jpg


Born in Moscow, Russia, I spent my childhood in the UK and studied and lectured Fashion Design in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Winning a national student competition was my introduction to international fashion shows, at which I presented collections but found my attention steer away from the runway to the gallery as a show format. 

Moving back to Moscow in 2018, I based my practice where I grew up and have shown solo and group exhibitions in Moscow and Venice.